SOHANS is able to offer scholarships to candidates who show that

a. They have the potential to study and complete the course in question successfully.

b. They have unhindered access to the internet via a computer that is able to cope (by speed,  data handling programmes, and in a safe manner) with the necessary exchange of information required by the course.  This point will be ascertained.

c. They can provide high grade references about their circumstances including their inability to access funds.

d. They demonstrate their skill, if requested,  by passing a challenge test and exam regarding their suitability for the course in question. This will include English language skills.

Full or part scholarship can be awarded.

SOHANS is committed to widening access to our courses and welcomes applicants from all sectors of society, regardless.  We aim for 20% of our students to be studying via scholarships.


Please contact SOHANS for further information.  Please give as much  detail as possible about your circumstances. Please outline how you will satisfy points a-d above.  We look forward to your enquiry.

Our decisions are final.