The Theoretical Medicine Degree

Medical care around most of the world is approaching  crisis.  Financial stridency can out-pace good  clinical judgement, sustainability in healthcare  (extended periods of good health) is declining,  prevention is low on the agenda.

 One possible solution is for  people to become much more involved  in their own health information.   For this they need  excellent and reliable resources (access to plain English, expertly reviewed health articles),  or,  they should have access to specialist individuals who can present the  effective,  sustainable, and prevention arguments, for them. 

Our  medical education project addresses these issues.  We have placed both an individual’s access to self-help in health information alongside  excellent evidence-based medical care at the very forefront of medicine.    

 Our new medical curriculum (now in its 12th year) pioneered by SOHANS (UK),  trains a new type of doctor,  combining  the latest  evidence as well as programmes in health  sustainability alongside  the delivery of the best care.  

Through our  4 year Theoretical Medicine  (ThMD) course, we teach and inculcate this special approach for our  graduates.   We  welcome forward thinking students the world over  to learn the new  initiative and to take  matters forward. 

We believe our teaching is very front line.  For example,  we have anticipated that knowing about human evolution will help to restore diet and nutrition, learning about ecology will teach us how to restore our environment, and learning   about stress will help keep disease at bay.    All these additional subjects and more, are uniquely taught by SOHANS   alongside the main USMLE  (the USA) medical curriculum.    The result is a chance to achieve  astonishing new levels of sustained health in conjunction  with the best carefully developed new technologies, at the lowest costs. 

Scholarships and bursaries are available available,  please enquire. We are especially interested in individuals from non privileged, ordinary backgrounds who want to work and study hard to achieve fine educational standards,  and so become a very new type of doctor-physician. 

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