Diploma in Health Sciences

SOHANS recognises that our degree courses are for people with longer study interests in mind, with the possibility of developing exciting careers.

For others who would like to have a good introduction to our new perspectives in health, we have devised a shorter introduction to all of our teaching and research. This Diploma in Health Sciences covers that need extremely well.

This is a 1 year course that will introduce all the main subjects to students including the clinical perspectives that might answer their questions about the way forward to good health.

If you think this would be the ideal way for you to get a good but basic level of acquaintance with our teaching and clinical approaches, then you should consider this course.

We charge £620 per year for this 1 year (10 month) introduction, teaching is largely by online and webinar interaction with the same lecturers that teach our main courses.

The course takes about 10 hours per week, there will be essays to write and seminars to contribute to. You will be dazzled with the new information, and it will enable you to understand how to go about achieving sustained health in a much more accessible manner.

Please send and email enquiry to us if you would like to study this course, please tell us about your background and level of education. There are no minimum qualifications for this course.  A short CV will help.