The Biomedical Science Degree

The Theoretical Medicine Degree by SOHANS is a new study concept in  medicine containing all the basic  undergraduate pre-clinical and clinical topics, but supported by many new subjects  developed  by SOHANS over the last 12 years during our  medical school  teaching activity  (see 

Balancing healthcare practise.

These new subjects  promote a much greater level of self directed health for patients,  achieved by balancing the  needs for sustainability with those of  front line advances in healthcare (see main pages for further details) The study topics consist of

a. simpler actions, preventative measures,  lifestyle changes, using the professional literature effectively, balanced with

b. well chosen  reliance on more  high technology solutions offering  good professional  interventions, chosen  by formal evidence-based medicine and evidence-based healthcare.

The  high-tech areas are often associated  with front-line drugs,  cell specific drugs, gene therapies,  can indeed be very useful.  But these may lack the sustainability  that many simpler and earlier preventative solutions offer.  The simpler solutions whilst available, can become overlooked, and health becomes a crisis only response.  This has to change.

This can also mean that simpler solutions are not being formally studied because they lack profits. Complex solutions offer massive profits but invariably lack health  sustainability.  Health is often allowed to deteriorate to levels where severe and potentially very damaging side effects have to be endured.

Our bio-medical degree studies both the above areas with equal interest.

It also strives to set a balance between these two areas so that the benefits are reflected in longer periods of good health for patients, at the most affordable costs for both the individual and healthcare delivery agencies.

Our own informal studies have show that far better outcomes for prolonged good health are achieved by getting the above balance understood and in perspective.  Both the cost as well as health  benefit  of this approach are invariably extremely desirable. 

In order to continue developing this  important idea  and the essential scientific research that goes with it, we have developed our foundation Bio-medical Science degree.  New students can  enrol on this degree, passing it will also mean that they have the  knowledge and basic qualification  to enrol on our  Theoretical Medicine degree*.

So whereas the Theoretical Medicine degree deals with all the subject areas  relevant to clinical care,  health practises,  and healthcare systems,   the Biomedical Science degree studies all the foundation sciences that construct our Theoretical Medicine Degree.  This is very important.

To access the biomedical degree course of SOHANS, you will need a general science pass at high school/sixth form/technical college.   The exact level and pass standard can vary,  please enquire further  about this possibilities.

Other basic science degrees  or their equivalent can also be used for this level of enrolment*,  it is not mandatory to use the SOHANS basic science degree.

For individuals interested in fundamental  biological and medical  science and its greater ability to positively influence balanced health as described above, the SOHANS Bio-medical Science degree is ideal.

The UNITS for these degree can be chosen to include any  three subjects from the foundation science  degree, and three subjects from advanced science subjects.







Medicinal Botany



The Science of Human Enquiry

A History  of Science

The Social Determinants of Health

The Health Foundation subject matter.

Evidence-based medicine

The maths of EBM.

Statistics in Medicine

How to read/write a Paper.

Evolutionary Anthropology and Health

Evolutionary Medicine


Decision making  in the brain

Foraging Theory  and Game Theory

Evolutionary components of  decision making

Interrogating world databases in medicine and health

Complimentary and alternative medicine  systems




In the initial stages, please contact us and tell us why you would like to study the Biomedical Sciences Degree of SOHANS, and which  three subjects you would like to study from  the Foundation list and which three subjects you would like to study from the Advanced list.

Please also state if you are using the Biomedical Science Degree to access a higher level of subjects/degree of SOHANS.