STRUCTURE OF COURSE and Information for Applicants:

The ThMD (Theoretical Medicine ) is a new degree and has no precedence.  This alone makes it very unusual.

The course is designed to give individuals  a complete and thorough understanding of a high specification medical curriculum with many new  additional subjects devised and developed by SOHANS (UK), during 12+  years of teaching medicine to students around the world (see

These new subjects add a much wider understanding of the modern  background of health and disease, the evolutionary forces  that shape our health,  and key behavioural components that  influence diagnostics and daily practise.

This includes  a much deeper understanding of commercial forces, individual interests, as well as the modern strengths and weaknesses of organising healthcare matters.  We believe that without these new subjects, medical training is  lacking.   With this training, our medical graduates can achieve much more in shaping positive outcomes in health,  whilst applying  the up to date essential clinical skills that are required.

We also believe that if you are ultimately interested in a research career in medicine, our degree is particularly valuable.

First, the USMLE structure:

Pre-clinical subjects:



Medical Physiology


Medical Ethics







Behaviour Science (clinical aspects)

Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Systems approach to disease.

Physical Diagnosis

Clinical Skills


General (Internal) Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

General Surgery




Family Medicine

Clinical Pathology



Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care

Elective:  includes specialist areas such as Urology, Opthamology,

ENT Medicine, etc.


Second, the School of Health and Neural Sciences components:

The Science of Human Enquiry

A History  of Science

The Social Determinants of Health

The Health Foundation subject matter.

Evidence-based medicine

Bayes Theorem

The maths of EBM.

Statistics in Medicine

How to Read a Paper.

How to write a Paper.

Getting Research into Practice  (GRIP)

Evolutionary Anthropology and Health

Evolutionary Medicine


Not by Genes Alone – cultural transmission

Decision making  in the brain

Foraging Theory  (and medicine)

Game Theory (and medicine)

Evolutionary components of  decision making

Interrogating world databases in medicine and health


Information for Applicants:

You will need to have a Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent,

This can be studied with SOHANS – see Clinical Degree Subjects.

We can also organise your study elsewhere although this is likely to cost you considerably more.  Please send an initial enquiry about your interest, why you wish to study with us, what level of education you have attaine , and what your career plans might be.

The ThMD is not a Primary Medical Qualification. This means you will not be able to  independently practice medicine with an autonomous license. All applicants have to sign a statement that they fully understand this.   You CAN however achieve a great amount in many, many other ways.  We aim to increase the number of fully knowledgeable medical people in developing parts of the world where access to a medical course is out of reach. These people will then influence the local forces of health and clinical care in many different ways.

With our qualification you can:

a. Assist a licensed medical practitioner under direct observation.

b. Take up a research position

c. Take physiological measurements once you have satisfied any local conditions of patient contact and insurances (please get further advice).

d.  Take up lecturing roles

e. Take up teaching roles

f.  Take up a role in local health development.

g. Guide patients on best strategies preferably in conjunction again with a licensed medical practitioner, if the health information is directed towards a single client.

h. Work in a government department promoting local health issues.

i. work for a local drug /equipment development company.


If you would like further information, please contact us.

If you would like to apply, please go to the APPLY NOW page for further instructions.