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Emanating from the School of Health and Neural Science (UK)  where we taught  medicine to students from around the world,  we extend the basic concept  to teach Medicine, Theoretical Medicine (our headline course)  and Bio-medical sciences to students around the world,  with the lowest tuition fees probably in existence (see below).  We also now have free scholarships for selected students

UNIVERSTIES collect information from around the world   and devise their  specialist interpretation of subject matter for their course material. 

SOHANS collects course material from the very best  universities and interprets courses and subject matter for our  students

THE RESULTS mean we can offer you  the very best courses and

teaching, at  the lowest priced fees directly to you online.

Our course fees range from £800 – £1000 per year.    Our courses are then delivered digitally  and via skype  by  skilled specialist lecturers originating themselves from  the best in class  universities. 

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